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New import rule for used cars to Uganda

 Beginning that new import rule to Uganda must be JEVIC being inspected before it is transported for all vehicles exported from Japan to Uganda that will do (Japan export vehicle inspection center) on November 1, 2009.  's important though it knows it and what the import rules and it is discovered is an applied car from Japan that before your mother country or purchase. JEVIC announced the following information on 2009 on September 4. It is excerpted by JEVIC.The Ugandan National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), and it is newly ordered for inspection (RWI) for the pre-export road of the used vehicle imported from Japan, Britain, Singapore, and South Africa and it has the following announcement. UNBS : as an inspection action for (JEVIC) RWI Ltd. that appoints a Japanese export vehicle inspection center company. The used vehicle exported by the above-mentioned countries will be demanded because it is inspected by JEVIC from November 1, all 2009(date of export). It includes in the purport of Uganda RWI;* The difference is not on the street of the vehicle in safety and a mechanical inspection (It looks like the regular service that provides). * The vehicle doesn't have the difference in there is no CFC(R12) gas. * UNBS restricted the inspection fee of JPY13,625 (inclusive tax). Note: Which age of manufacturing or drive (LHD/RHD) doesn't follow this standard either. This is an export inspection before it is obligatory. Not finishing inspecting at export might return in the inspection in import exclusion or 15% CIF punishment charge and arrival. The beginning date of the inspection site that can be inspected and used is supposed to announced soon. JEVIC courteously requests cooperation to an exporter and an appropriate industrial stakeholder concentrating on providing with the quality inspection and service for all the exporters. Used Cars Zambia


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